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How to Formalise the Agreement

The agreement you reach can be: Closed. Failed. Partial. A closed agreement means that we have signed an agreement and that we have committed ourselves to rights and obligations on both sides. A failed agreement refers to the fact that there is no agreement and there is no longer any prospect of continuing. A partial agreement can be suspensive, such …

Negotiating For a Greater Benefit

Negotiating is a complex, intense and sometimes difficult activity, but it is also a fascinating one since it allows us to get what we want by creating good relationships with other negotiators. The strategy to manage a negotiation that benefits you most is built on five key principles that will teach you how to negotiate. To overcome the negotiator’s intuitive …

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Negotiating

Keep in mind that there are a few mistakes that you should avoid at all costs during the negotiating process: A positional approach. this means thinking that your negotiating position is the only possible solution. You must be open so that the other party can make interesting proposals. A competitive approach. Here, your objective is to beat the other side. …

Reservation Value in Negotiation

The reservation value or price is the least favourable price that can be accepted in an agreement. It should not be confused with BATNA, since BATNA is generated outside the negotiation, while the reservation value is produced within it. During the negotiation, define your reservation value: Do you know the least favorable price you could accept in your negotiations? What …

More than 10,000 people, 35 countries and 300 companies trained

Negotiation has become a key element in our lives. We negotiate to develop projects, to make decisions and to resolve conflicts. Our negotiations, inside and outside the company, represent 80% of our working time.


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