More than 45 countries, 300 companies and more than 10,000 professionals trained.

At CEFNE (TPG) we are experts in negotiation and business leadership training since 2013. Our international activity has led us to train in more than 45 countries, 300 companies and 10,000 professionals.
Our training courses are aimed at:
CPD certified

*Our Program is recognized in accordance with the UK CPD Certification Service System and its requirements.


Alstom & CEFNE (TPG)
Gold Award for best blended learning in Negotiation 2021

Who is CEFNE (TPG)?

CEFNE (TPG)'s team is formed by a group of international experts all, of them backed by an important academic link with the best universities worldwide.

General Manager of CEFNE (TPG)

Eduard Beltran has extensive experience as a university professor at SciencesPo in Paris, the Complutense University of Madrid and the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and has published several books, all related to the world of negotiation and leadership.

Our formats

Our pedagogical model is adapted to the needs of today’s companies. Our Win Win Negotiation, Advanced Negotiation and Leadership courses are offered in Company format at a distance during two days.

In Company Webinars

We offer live webinars with a wide range of topics:

60 minutes presentation*.
30 minutes of Q&A
Presentations after the webinar*

All our webinars can be offered in English, French and Spanish.

Live Online Masterclass

We provide customized solutions in today’s context. Distance training is as or more effective than face-to-face training. Keep training your team with all the guarantees of success.

Statistics show that more than 95% of those surveyed
prefer distance training either on a continuous basis or in webinars rather than returning to face-to-face training.

Negotiation Program

Our certification for negotiators is internationally recognized by the industry. Professional negotiators are needed in every country and in every industry. Unlike other certifications, our certification is global and serves to connect negotiators around the world.

Books by Eduard Beltran

Eduard Beltran has written several books on negotiation and leadership based on his own experience as a trainer of more than 6,000 people and in three languages, putting into practice the knowledge he has accumulated over the years through literature and great historical references and experts in negotiation.

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