Ten Commandments of the Good Negotiator

Today negotiation is a necessary tool for any person or professional who wants to preserve their interests and obtain their own benefit, while preserving their relationship with others.

A good negotiator is not born, but is made. In other words, a good negotiator is formed through experience, learning from others and from himself. Here we present the Ten Commandments of the Good Negotiator, which must be respected at all times to get good agreements. Remember, the secret of any negotiation is that in the end, if we don’t all win, then nobody wins.

To be a good negotiator:

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare.
  2. Develop observation skills and manage information well.
  3. Do not compromise on your main interests.
  4. Identify and imagine the options (solutions) that can create value.
  5. Count on the interests of all the parties involved.
  6. Maintain a medium-term and long-term vision of your relationships.
  7. Always work from a perspective of trust.
  8. Finalise the negotiation agreement after exploring all possible alternatives.
  9. Design an alternative solution in case the agreement does not bear fruit.
  10. Manage your emotions based on the effectiveness and knowledge of the objectives.

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