An operative pedagogical model

A model based on the learning and development of participants

Pedagogical Principles in CEFNE’s Negotiation Trainings:

  • A 100% operative pedagogical model based on situations from case studies.
  • A toolbox allowing participants to be autonomous after training.
  • Sharing and capitalizing on experiences of consultants and participants regarding the practice of negotiation.
  • A track record of consistent training, facilitating the progression of participants in levels of learning.
  • A continuous investment in research and development to better respond to new pedagogical challenges.


CEFNE proposes a pedagogical model based on the learning and development of participants:


Evaluate the learning needs of participants

Their challenges, problems and concrete needs


Learn with the case method during on-site training

A method based on experience and best practices that permit the participants to analyze
their behavior in specific negotiation situations, in order to improve and act more effectively


On-line Learning

Train, assimilate, and review the knowledge acquired from the on-site training


Learning in the field

Experiment with methods and improve the professional practice of negotiation


Learn while accompanied

Thanks to the consultancy, the client is accompanied in complex negotiations. This accompaniment allows completing the circle of learning with a good practical
application of what has been studied


Measure what has been learned

To definitively close the circle of learning, the participants assess their skills in negotiation,
their difficulties and their progress

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