Mistakes You Should Avoid When Negotiating

Keep in mind that there are a few mistakes that you should avoid at all costs during the negotiating process:

  • A positional approach. this means thinking that your negotiating position is the only possible solution. You must be open so that the other party can make interesting proposals.
  • A competitive approach. Here, your objective is to beat the other side. As we have previously said, the objective is not to win, but to protect our interests and preserve the relationship.
  • A concessive approach. What the other party wins, you lose, and vice-versa (the game is null). Yet this is not always the case. Sometimes I pay more for a product, but I get better service.
  • A preference for the short term. This will prevent you from having another negotiation. Negotiation must always be anchored in the long term in order to maintain the relationship.
  • Uncontrollable emotions. Emotions that you cannot control are a problem when negotiating. Never let anger or rage dominate you, because it would be disastrous and not very productive for the negotiation. negotiators are their own worst enemies. If we do not manage our emotions well, we will make bad decisions. It is important to bear in mind that positive emotions must also be controlled, as excessive euphoria or optimism can work against us.
  • Not attending to your reputation. Our reputation accompanies us throughout our lives.
  • Not listening to the other person. A good negotiator listens more than he talks, hence the popular saying that ‘we have two ears and one mouth for a reason’, meaning that we should listen twice as much as we speak.
  • Not preparing. Ninety per cent of all mishaps in negotiations are due to a lack of preparation.
  • Falling into vanity and underestimating the other negotiator. You should replace the ego of the negotiator with empathy.
  • Not taking the necessary time or rushing without respecting the necessary rhythm.
  • Not integrating what has been learned and repeating the same mistakes from one negotiation to the next. we can learn a lot from the other negotiator.

Negotiating is the art of living with others; managing differences is living in society. Keep in mind that everyonelearns to be a good negotiator. Nobody is born that way. A good negotiator is not to born, but made!

To negotiate effectively, avoid:

  • Using words that offend and making value judgments.
  • Creating counterpropositions constantly.
  • Proposing arguments: choose objective criteria.
  • The emotional spiral (attack, defence, justification, criticism).
  • Endless and uninteresting discussions with the main object of negotiation.

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