Managing Ethical Problems

Difficulties in negotiation are characterised by the difficult people involved or a difficult situation. That a negotiation is difficult may be due to the behaviour of the other negotiator, who is aggressive, or to the context, as in the case of a crisis, a mediated negotiation, etc. For example, ethical problems.

The devil does business, so you will have no choice but to negotiate with him at some point. You will not always have to do so, but the truth is that you will do so frequently and, what’s worse, without the ability to choose.

But who is the devil in this case? He is someone who can harm you, but with whom you will have to negotiate, even knowing what may happen.

the issue of business ethics is essential and appears at every stage of a negotiation. As a negotiator, you must have an identity that encompasses your culture, your values, morals, etc. So don’t forget that:

  • Ethics is one of the elementary parts of this concept.
  • Personal integrity is also a key component for you.
  • Coherence and consistency are very important for your negotiation to be a positive.
  • Respect for the law, even sometimes, guides the negotiation process. Lying is not only morally wrong, but can also be illegal.
  • When negotiating, do not forget that good or bad faith is a legal concept identified by most legal systems in the world.

The devilish negotiator who has broken the law does not deserve to negotiate with you. One of the weapons you can use against him is the justice system.

Effective negotiators take the issue of integrity very seriously and values-based negotiators can explain their justifications consistently. Being an ethical person will make you more effective in defending your ideas, your interests and your values in the best way possible. Therefore, everything you say will become credible and consistent.

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