Ideal for companies. Being a good negotiator is essential to reach fair agreements.

Course of 10 hours duration. Allows access to the entire online platform for 2 months.

With the PREMIUM course you can access videos, infographics and complementary documents. We also provide you with concrete tools for the development of the course and to improve your learning. You can interact with the tutor, making queries that will respond by providing additional information. At the end of the course, we will test you with a final exam to assess your knowledge.

This course is ideal for companies. To reach agreements with other actors you have to negotiate, and to get what you want you have to know how to negotiate. Learn how to do it and consult with the tutor if you have any doubts about how to reduce blocking and/or frustrating situations.

This is your course if… you have never been trained in negotiation before and you are convinced that the time has come to do so.

Course Curriculum

Why this course? 00:45:00
Part I: The three dimensions of any negotiation
1- The substance: what do you negotiate? 00:45:00
2- The people: with whom do you negotiate? 00:45:00
3- The process: how do you negotiate? 00:45:00
Part II: Before the negotiation: the preparation
4- The preparation of the negotiator 00:45:00
5- The goals of the negotiator 00:45:00
6- The ten steps of preparation 00:45:00
7- Definition of a strategy 00:45:00
Part III: How to conduct effectively negotiations
8- Bargaining and problem solving 00:45:00
9- The seven negotiation sequences 00:45:00
10- Managing the complexity 00:45:00
11- Managing the difficulty 00:45:00
Part IV: After the negotiation
12- Closing the negotiation 00:45:00
13- Good and bad reasons for not reaching an agreement 00:45:00
14- Analysis and evaluation of the negotiation process 00:45:00
15- Bargaining for Advantage 00:45:00
Conclusion 00:45:00
Exercises 00:00:00
Negotiation Tools
Preparation Table 00:00:00
Negotiation Style Test 00:00:00
Glossary 00:00:00
Our Inspiration
Bibliography 00:00:00
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Course Director

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Eduard Beltran
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