Obstacles to an effective negotiation

Obstáculos en las fases de la negociación

Inevitably, every negotiator will observe and encounter obstacles in all phases of negotiation.

  • In the preparation phase of negotiation: negotiators often tend to fail to adequately prepare themselves. There are numerous reasons why a good negotiator doesn’t prepare well for a negotiation: sometimes, even the organization doesn’t provide the required support, even when said negotiation may have significant consequences for the group.
  • In the opening phase, value is created through cooperation and many negotiators can, without being particularly aware of it, close the door to the possibility of creating value due to fear of being (or coming across as) weak to the other negotiators. These negotiators display competitive behaviors that can lead the negotiation toward unconstructive dynamics that can be difficult to get out of.
  • In the closing phase, there is a risk that the negotiators will focus on getting the “biggest piece of the pie” and employ attitudes, gestures, or words that may damage the relationship with the other party, only to gain a privilege in the short term.
  • In the last phase of follow-up, problems emerge when agreements are not respected. This can happen for several reasons, among others, due to the fact that during the completion phase of the agreement, the manner in which the agreement would be followed and the measures to be taken to guarantee compliance were not sufficiently described. The parties may be afraid that anticipating non-compliance could be synonymous with doubting that the agreement will be implemented.
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