Trainings adapted according to the field of activity or the skill level of the participants

CEFNE provides training modules in-company as well as in-open. These trainings can be adapted according to the field of activity of the business or the skill level of the participants.

Our pedagogical model is based on the case method, in which participants obtain concrete and effective solutions to improve their negotiations.

The principles of our trainings:

  • Practical cases, the case method, negotiations from real-life negotiation situations
  • Concrete techniques applicable to all negotiation situations to obtain better agreements
  • Analysis of the behavior of the participant
    as a negotiator


All of our participants will receive a diploma upon completing the training, certified by CEFNE.


Purpose of the training: to go from force to persuasion.

Benefits of the training: have the tools to negotiate effectively and concretely:

  • Negotiate utilizing the stakes at play and without getting into a battle of concessions with the other side
  • Constructively manage the tension between the competitive aspects and cooperative aspects of negotiation
  • Measure the impact of the current mode of negotiating
  • Come up with new solutions that the other side did not foresee
  • Strengthen advantages by developing alternative solutions
  • Construct applicable and productive agreements
  • Destroy unfair tactics


Training program

Develop a strategic vision of negotiation

What are the seven key elements of the negotiation that should be taken into account in order to tackle negotiations with confidence? How should one prepare for negotiation?


Create a favorable climate

What are the barriers to communication? How can non-verbal communication be used? How does one develop active listening skills?


Leave power struggles behind

How can power struggles be avoided? How can we leave the war of positions using objective criteria? How can we defend our interests and discover the interests of the other?


Invent creative solutions

How can we overcome our personal obstacles to creativity? How can we look for solutions that provide a mutual benefit with the other party? How can we avoid granting concessions by reconciling differences?


Manage emotions

How can we resolve our personal problems? How can we confront personal attacks and the anger of the other party? How can we manage our emotions? How can we build trust?


Combat bad faith

What are the most common techniques and how can they be identified? How can the processes of blackmail and manipulation be destroyed? The art of “jiu jitsu” negotiation.


Increase one’s own power in negotiation

What should we do when negotiation doesn’t work? How can the best alternative solution be identified? How can one increase their power during negotiation?


Identify the style of the negotiator

What are the individual tactics that you use? Are you hard or soft? What are your strengths and stress points?

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