Our Mission

Provide businesses with the best tools to become effective negotiators

The mission of CEFNE is to provide businesses with all the tools necessary to become effective negotiators.

We believe in the importance of negotiation, given that, in a context of internationalization and economic interdependency, the development of business is conditioned by its ability to invent more productive means of cooperation. Negotiation is one of the responses to the crisis and to the change in the economic model that we are experiencing.

The purpose and mission of CEFNE’s activities is to promote a new vision of negotiation:

  • Overcome the intuitive approach to negotiation
  • preparation before negotiating: anticipating the people, problems, and processes of negotiation
  • Create and generate value before sharing it
  • Communicate: know how to alternate listening and speaking
  • Know how to manage emotions before the underlying problems
  • Conduct multi-level and multi-cultural negotiations
  • Integrate the benefits of negotiation
  • Develop a virtuous cycle of learning
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