Our Clients

An Offer of Tailored and Individualized Support

Our clients represent a wide range of profiles in both activity and size. We have clients from both international groups and family-controlled businesses. We also develop training programs for public institutions, international organizations, foundations, and associations.

Among are clients are industrial and service companies as diverse as: financial institutions, agribusiness entities, energy, transport, defense, insurance, and pharmaceutical companies…

We provide assistance with all problems associated with negotiation: internal, external, and transversal issues.

Our commitment to our clients is total and absolute. We share their problems, and together with them we develop solutions to operational problems, always keeping in mind the goal of achieving specific results.

Our seminars are directed toward executives, general managers, commercial managers, marketing directors, human resources managers, legal directors, purchasing managers…and to all people who negotiate in their daily lives.

We attend to our clients in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Our services take place in all corners of the world, thanks to our network of consultants and trainers.

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