Our responsibility: cefne social commitment

Disseminate as widely as possible more balanced
and consensual means of cooperation

Beyond our actions with business-clients, our mission is to disseminate as widely as possible within society more balanced and consensual means of cooperation. Thus, we work, in this sense, to share our practices and experiences with innovative social actors that pursue this same ambition.

The success of these social changes (introduction of new public policy energy transitions, changes in work organization….) is conditioned by the ability of the various public and private actors to establish an effective and long-lasting dialogue with each other.

Non-Governmental Organizations play a principal role in this dynamic of change providing a new perspective that reflects the aspirations of citizens. Some of these Organizations do not have sufficient financial means to train their agents in these techniques of negotiations or agreements.

When it comes to building a productive dialogue between businesses and NGO’s, having knowledge of respective interests is a basic condition for success. We wish to help bring these two complementary and necessary worlds together. Our commitment is reflected concretely in the invitation of NGO’s to some of our pilot trainings that we offer to businesses and NGO’s to analyze together how to negotiate better and more effectively.

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