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Ten Commandments of the Good Negotiator

Today negotiation is a necessary tool for any person or professional who wants to preserve their interests and obtain their own benefit, while preserving their relationship with others. A good negotiator is not born, but is made. In other words, a good negotiator is formed through experience, learning from others and from himself. Here we present the Ten Commandments of …

The Preparation of the Negotiator

We will start this post with an everyday example. If you go on a weekend trip to Rome and you don’t prepare anything (you don’t have a plane ticket, you don’t have a hotel booked, you don’t have restaurant reservations, you don’t have a tourist guide and you have no idea what you will do), what will happen is that …

Objections in Negotiation

One of the main fears of any negotiator is that objections appear in the negotiation. This is due to the risk that they may lead to disagreement at any time. To have an objection is to refuse to accept something, and it is usually presented with arguments. The truth is that you will get the objections you deserve and the …

Managing Ethical Problems

Difficulties in negotiation are characterised by the difficult people involved or a difficult situation. That a negotiation is difficult may be due to the behaviour of the other negotiator, who is aggressive, or to the context, as in the case of a crisis, a mediated negotiation, etc. For example, ethical problems. The devil does business, so you will have no choice …

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Negotiation has become a key element in our lives. We negotiate to develop projects, to make decisions and to resolve conflicts. Our negotiations, inside and outside the company, represent 80% of our working time.

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